College Admission Software

Adme is specially designed to make the work starting from Pre Admission Process of Form Filling, Merit List, …. to LC/TC or even later of a Student, a work of ease as well as with precision.

  • Merit List possible even if a institution is having Language Minority.
  • Option to take fees in any no. of installments / part payment.
  • At the end of the day get Fees Register Head wise.
  • As soon as the Admission for the day takes place get the Subject wise summary of Student.
  • Student List with more than 20 Search Conditions, 10 Sort Field Criteria suffices almost all the needs related to a student list.
  • Get Detailed as well as Summarized Fees Receipt Register.
  • Generate the Railway Concession Report in minutes.
  • Printing of LC, Bonafide Certificate, NOC etc … at a click of a button.
  • Printing of different forms and schedules of availing different Scholarships and free ships.
  • Option to change the Fees Receivable from a student at any point of time.
  • Student Outstanding Report
  • Online Admission Form
  • SMS Integrated

It also has the feature of editing more than one student at a time thus reducing the amount of time spent behind the actual work